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Tacos and Pizza should be in their own food group?!


Do you agree?? We totally just became friends!

Sonia here! The face behind the camera. When I'm not out playing storyteller, I'm a mama to three utterly-handsome boys and rockin' my wedding ring from my blue-eyed hubby since 2008.

I completely believe mom jokes are the best thing EVER (my teenager strongly disagrees), shoes on the beach should be outlawed, and a book is the best way to escape to another time. I love classic cars, (yes that mustang is mine)and country sunsets. Born and raised in Hanford, located in the heart of California's farmland. It's no surprise that some of my favorite locations are off a dirt road somewhere.


When I'm not out chasing sunsets or one of my kids, I'm in my downtown studio makin' magic. Being able to capture a love story on the weekend and snuggle a teeny babe on the weekday is the BEST! Watching a love blossom, a promise made, and a family grows right in front of my lens is the best feeling.


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